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  1. Nama: Ni Komang Damai pertiwi Sanjivani
    Kelas:X Mipa 3
    No: 20
    after I read the material about DESCRITIVE TEXT i learn about:
    Descriptive text is a text wich describe a particular place or thing
    -idenfication: it identifies the place to be described
    -Description: it describe the characteristic or pats of a place/building describe
    Languange features:
    -using a specific
    -using lots od adjectives
    -using simple present tense

  2. Nama : Ni Luh Indah Marselinda
    Kelas : X IBB 3
    No : 29

    After I read the material about DESCRITIVE TEXT, I learned about :
    Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like.

    Social function : To persuade the readers that something is the main case.

    Generic structure : - Thesis
    - Arguments
    - Reiteration
    Language features : - Using noun
    - Using Simple present
    - Using Action verbs
    - Using Adjective
    - Using Figurative